Those countless free hours and vacations have now given way to the start of school. If you’re like us, you’re excited to get back into the classroom and learn something new. But your vision-impaired child may not have it so easy. Many children express a desire not to wear their glasses, whether it’s because they’re afraid of being teased or they just find it inconvenient. And it’s true! Getting used to glasses is a new feeling! Here’s 4 tips for getting your child to feel more comfortable putting on their specs.

Get a good fit

No one like uncomfortable things, and especially not around their eyes. If your child feels like they’re constantly having to push up glasses which slide down their nose or says that they’re too tight, listen! Our children’s eye doctor can adjust the glasses or recommend a different style so they don’t cause discomfort.

Let them choose

The main delight of wearing glasses is being able to express your personality through your frames. Is your son’s favorite color blue? Let them pick out some blue frames. Is your daughter a dog-lover? Look for frames which have pet paws. The happier children are with the frames and how they look on, the more willing they will be to wear them.

Pick the right style

Our children’s eye doctor is excellent at steering kids to glasses which not only fit their personality – but are also age-appropriate. Your preteen has different needs than your 5-year-old, but you can find the right fit from a wide range of glasses styles at our  optical shop in Livingston.

Set goals

Maybe your son or daughter doesn’t like wearing glasses when they play sports, but they’re happy to wear them in class. Compromise, parents! You can explain to your child why it’s important and how wearing glasses can help in sports, but sometimes it’s OK to set intermediate goals for wearing glasses, i.e. mandating that they wear them in class but allowing them to take them off in the car. Setting goals in conjunction with your child will also make them more likely to comply, as they will feel engaged in the process.

Final thoughts

Talk to your child’s teacher about their behavior in class and inform him or her about your child’s glasses-wearing goals. If your child feels supported in glasses-wearing – and it isn’t a daily point of contention at school – he or she is more likely to feel comfortable wearing them.

If you need help picking the right frames or your child just needs a glasses-wearing pep talk, stop by our optical shop in Livingston to get fitted. Pediatric Eye Associates is a comprehensive children’s ophthalmology and optometry shop in Livingston, NJ. Contact us to make an appointment for an eye exam or with any other questions you have.