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Getting glasses can be a major event in your child’s life. Whether or not they actually wear their glasses often depends on proper fit, comfort, quality, and accuracy of the lens prescription. This is where PD Optics really stands out.

We are a full service specialty optical shop for children of all ages.  Our pediatric optician is a highly trained professional who specializes in helping you select the right pair of glasses for your child. We will walk you and your child through it, step by step.

We have one of the largest selections of children’s frames in northern New Jersey. We carry brands that are specifically designed to fit babies and toddlers, such as Miraflex, Tomato, and Dilly Dalli. We have flexible frames, like Flexon, that bend and stand up to abuse. We also have classic brands, such as Ray Ban and Nike, for the more fashionable set.

Pediatric Optical Shop Livingston NJ
childrens optical shop Livingston

Optical Shop Hours:

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Glasses FAQs

Can adults purchase glasses at PD Optics?
Yes, we fit adults too.  Many of the current styles are designed to appeal to teenagers as well as adults.  The same quality, service, and warranty applies to adults, even if you need bifocals or progressive lenses.

Do you carry sunglasses?
Yes. We carry non-prescription sunglasses for children and teens. In addition, any frame in the shop can be made into sunglasses with your child’s prescription. We also offer the option to have your child’s glasses made with Transitional Lenses, which get automatically darker when they are exposed to brighter light..

Do you carry ski and swim goggles?
Yes. Ski and swim goggles made with your child’s prescription can be ordered from the optical shop. We have made many swim goggles for children on swim teams and for kids who just want to see the bottom of the pool!

Can’t I just buy my child’s glasses online?
We recommend that you buy their eyeglasses in a store.  That will ensure the lens is made for their unique eye measurements.  Frame fit and adjustment is critical and hard to get online.

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A lot of eyeglass stores advertise inexpensive glasses.  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy glasses there?
Not necessarily.  If you compare the same brands and styles of frames, and the same lenses, you’ll find that PD Optics has lower prices then most optical chains or discount stores.  We also have a better basic warranty.

Can I keep the same frames and just change the lens?
Yes.  You may need to leave the old frame with us so we can make sure the lenses are cut exactly to fit.  If your child can’t go without their glasses, ask the Optician about making special arrangements.

Do you accept my vision plan if I buy glasses for my child?
We do not participate with vision plans.  But, PD Optics has packages and specials that can cost the same or less than glasses priced through vision plans.  Ask the Optician to compare your plan with our prices.

Patching FAQs

Placement of the patch on the sound (good) eye.
The adhesive patch should be angled so the more narrow part crosses above the bridge of the nose and the wider base is angled towards the ear.

Help! My toddler won’t keep the patch on!
If you and your toddler are new to patching, then you will quickly discover that keeping the patch on an active, and non-compliant, toddler will seem difficult. However, PERSEVERE!  Why? Because as the vision improves in the lazy eye, your toddler will become more used to and tolerant of wearing the patch.

How do you keep the patch on an active 5 year old?
At this age, it will require a lot of parental control and creativity. As the parent, you are in charge – patching is not a democratic decision! Use a reward system. The promise of a favorite activity or treat is a great incentive in exchange for a period of good patching (e.g., extra time playing their favorite game). Another successful trick is to create a Patching Poster. After a successful day of patching, your child can remove their patch and place it on the poster. When completed, your child will have a terrific wall poster to celebrate the achievement of a patching job well done!

Wouldn’t it just be easier to postpone patching until my child is older and able to understand why it is necessary to wear a patch?
It’s only possible to improve vision with patching therapy when your child is very young. By age 8 or 9, their visual system is mature and is unlikely that patching will be effective in treating their amblyopia. So despite the fact that your toddler can not understand why the vision in his better seeing eye has disappeared by covering it with a patch, the visual benefits to be gained in the long-term by eliminating his amblyopia at a young age are ultimately worth the aggravation!

What are the ways we can make it more comfortable to take the patch off?
Having your child make it thorough prescribed patch time is a great milestone! Once it comes time for removal, some children panic that it will hurt. Taking proper steps for removal can make a huge difference. One trick is to rub Milk of Magnesia liquid on the skin to be covered by the patch. Let the liquid dry and then apply the patch.