So your child needs glasses!  Any parent can tell you this can be a frustrating experience.  Do you have a squirming toddler that doesn’t want to put anything on their face?  A discriminating teenager with very specific ideas of what their glasses should look like?  Or maybe a middle school swimmer that needs prescription swim goggles for the next swim meet?  How much will it cost and what happens if they lose them?  Keeping all of these criteria in mind, we have put together a helpful list of questions to ask before choosing where to shop for your child’s glasses.

1. Is the optical shop experienced with working with children?

The answer can make the difference between frustration and ill-fitting glasses or a happy child with glasses that look great and fit properly.  Our pediatric optician and staff in Livingston are dedicated to working with children.  In fact, that’s all we do. We know how to measure and fit squirming children; we have glasses that can take a beating but will not break; and we have the patience needed when dealing with children and their parents.  Ask any of our customers who have tried traditional optical shops and they can tell you we know what we’re talking about!

2. Do they have the latest styles and frames that can stand up to my kids?

Parents know that for middle and high school aged children in glasses, style can be paramount.  For the younger set, glasses not only need to need look good, but must be able to withstand hard usage.  At PD Optics, we have the latest styles as well as frames with that enduring classical look.  Many of our frames are designed to stand up to being bent, dropped, and sat upon.  Take a look at our website or stop on by to see all the brands we carry and how great they will look on your child.

3. How is the pricing?  Does it cost less to buy glasses online?

We get this question all the time.  It’s no surprise, with discount stores and on-line retailers advertising prices for children’s glasses that seem almost too good to be true.  There are two things to consider when comparing prices:

First, are you comparing apples-to-apples?  Is it the same frame and lens or a lower priced, less durable look-alike?  

When you compare frames and lenses of the same quality, the price differences disappear or we become the less expensive option.  Parents searching for cheap children’s glasses or discount glasses tell us that in the end, we have lower priced glasses than they expected.

Second, is your child getting glasses that fit properly and actually do what they are supposed to do?  

This is a much more important question and also relates back to the overall cost.  Buying glasses from PD Optics guarantees that the glasses and the lenses fit your child correctly.  We see many children with glasses, purchased on-line or from big box stores, that do not fit correctly.  This means the child is not looking through the optical center of the lens and not receiving the benefit of wearing the glasses.

We think it is important to purchase glasses for your child that look good, fit, and do their job.  Sometime the old adage that you get what you pay for is true.

4. Does the shop also have sports safety goggles, sunglasses, and swim or ski goggles?

As a parent, you are busy.  That’s why it makes sense to choose an eyeglass shop that carries all the eyewear your child might need.  PD Optics sells all kinds of glasses and goggles your child might need.

5. Do the glasses come with a warranty?

Let’s face it – kids are kids.  Accidents happen and glasses sometimes get lost or broken.  The standard manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects in the frame.   PD Optics offers all customers the option of an Extended Protection Plan.  It includes a more generous warranty and allows for the re-purchase of the original glasses at 1/2 of retail price if they get lost or damaged beyond the warranty limits.

About Pediatric Eye Associates and PD Optics Optical Shop.

Pediatric Eye Associates specializes in the treatment of children’s eye care and children’s surgery.   The medical doctors are Board Certified pediatric ophthalmologists that participate in many insurance plans.  The office is comfortable and child friendly for both parents and patients.   Our pediatric optical shop in Livingston, Essex County NJ has a wide range of frames and lenses for children of all ages.  We carry prescription sunglasses, swim goggles, and ski masks.  Our pediatric optician works with children every day and we know how to fit even the most difficult prescriptions.