A number of conditions affecting eyesight have their source in early childhood, or they are congenital, meaning that a child is born with an eye disorder.

As children are more likely than adults to suffer from eye defects, taking them to a pediatric eye doctor regularly means that your child will get the medical care needed to treat any abnormalities in vision. Prompt medical care can guarantee more effective treatment, not only of minor but also of more complex sight problems, even if they require surgical procedures. Fortunately, many eye defects are minor and easy to treat if noticed soon enough. 

Our excellent pediatric ophthalmologists in New Jersey clinic agree that children in need of eye surgery are in the minority when it comes to vision therapy. Some disorders, however, may involve surgery as a treatment option, so they highlight the importance of parents’ role in ensuring that their little ones have regular eye exams, starting in early infancy, which enables us to detect and deal with any weakness in vision. Treatment should be undertaken as early as possible as the visual system is more flexible and adaptable in young children. Catching problems early is crucial as good vision is not merely a matter of aesthetics but plays a critical role in the physical and social development of a child. 

When pediatric ophthalmic surgery is considered to be the last resort?

Rarely is there a single approach to correct an eye condition for the majority of our patients. 

In general, therapy options include no treatment, medical, optical, prismatic, exercise reinforcement, or, as a last resort, surgery.  In some mild strabismus cases our ophthalmologists can prescribe glasses to correct the alignment or may recommend an eye patch placed over the healthy eye for a couple of hours every day. However, in more difficult cases, where children did not receive timely treatment or developed advanced disease, surgery may be required. With around 4 percent of children affected by strabismus, this type of eye surgery is among the most frequent in the United States. 

The high success rate, as well as rare complications for children, should give you confidence that refractive surgery is both safe and effective. For this reason, we sometimes advise that the risk of surgery is low when compared with the risk of not conducting it. 

Our eye doctors’ aim is to help every child to see to the best of their ability. So we assess each patient to be able to plan and implement the most effective therapy. 

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The question: “Is there a trustworthy pediatric ophthalmologist near me I can take my child to?” should not worry you anymore!

In either scenario, surgical or nonsurgical, our pediatric eye doctors are focused on the wellbeing of the child and the whole family. Drs Amy Lambert and Rachel Bloom are highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate pediatric ophthalmologists offering you or/and your child complete medical support.

According to the World Health Organization, of the 2.2 billion people globally suffering from vision abnormalities, 80 percent of the defects can be prevented or cured. So if you still have any doubts or questions about the best treatment options for your child, then please contact us.  

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