Children with convergence insufficiency have a problem with the way the eye moves. It can be challenging as they may have difficulty focusing on objects that are near.

Most often, one eye will turn outward when focusing on a nearby object. Thankfully, there are several ways a pediatric ophthalmologist can diagnose and treat the condition. 


What are the Symptoms of Convergence Insufficiency?

Symptoms can vary among children, but most have difficulty with objects that are near, such as reading from a book or TV. The words become blurry or seem as if they move around. Other symptoms pediatric ophthalmologists look for include: 

  • Double Vision
  • Headaches
  • Squinting or closing one eye when reading

If your child shows any symptoms of convergence insufficiency, then it is time to have them evaluated by a pediatric eye doctor


How Do Pediatric Eye Doctors Diagnose Convergence Insufficiency?

First, the doctor will take a thorough history of the child’s health. They will evaluate symptoms experienced by your child, including blurry vision, headaches, and double vision. To diagnose the Convergence Insufficiency, they will assess the following: 

  • Near Point Convergence 

The closest point on the face before the eyes start to converge together.

  • Positive Fusional Vergence

This is an evaluation to see if the eyes converge inwards. Doctors use “prisms” and ask the child to maintain single vision while looking through the “prisms.”

  • Exodeviation

A tendency for the eye to drift outwards. With conversion insufficiency, the eye is more likely to experience exodeviation when looking at near objects.

  • Accommodation

 Accommodation is the ability of the eyes to adjust from far to near. 


After evaluating symptoms, eye doctors develop a treatment plan to best address convergence insufficiency for your child. 

Pediatric Eye Doctor Near Me

Where can I find a pediatric eye doctor near me?

Does your child have an eye condition, including convergence insufficiency? Pediatric ophthalmologists at Pediatric Eye Associates are here for your family.  

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Our motto is “to provide the highest quality eye care for children in a setting that is comfortable and reassuring.”

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