Are you looking for the right Pediatric Ophthalmologist for your child? Choosing someone to trust with your children’s eyes can be challenging. What are some of the things you should consider when selecting a highly qualified Pediatric Ophthalmologist? What should the office be like? If you live in Essex County or near Livingston, NJ, we would like to make the process a little easier. Here are five things about Pediatric Eye Associates that can help you decide.

1. We are a team of professionals

The doctors here are highly qualified, intensively trained Pediatric Ophthalmologists  with years of experience.  They have seen thousands of children and know how to diagnose and treat every type of condition that may be affecting your child’s eyes.  As parents themselves, they know how to deal with kids and can be trusted with your loved ones. Both Dr. Amy Lambert, the founder of Pediatric Eye Associates, and Dr. Rachel Bloom, are board-certified physicians.  After medical school, they completed internships, residencies in ophthalmology, and then specialized fellowships in pediatric ophthalmology. To read more about our doctors, click here.   

2. Patient-friendly office

We take pride in providing our patients with the highest quality medical care in a warm and child friendly environment.  Our modern, clean office welcomes young children with lots of colors, stuffed animals, and even a working electric train.  We are conveniently located down the street from St. Barnabas Hospital near Northfield Avenue. Our address is 22 Old Short Hills Road, Livingston, NJ 07039. Click here to view the map and get directions.

3. Insurance Coverage

We participate with many health insurance plans and are considered in-network for most of them.   We do not participate in “vision plans,” even if they are part of your total health insurance coverage.  Because many insurance companies consider problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness to be non-medical issues, we always recommend that parents check their benefit coverage with their insurance company.  That way they can learn about what services are covered by their health insurance plan and which may not be. For a full list of accepted insurance, click here.

4. Optical Shop on site

If your child needs glasses, you do not have to go any further or make additional trips.  We have the best children’s optical shop in New Jersey right in our office. In addition to the best selection of frames to fit children and teens, we have an amazing pediatric optician.  Since all we do is kids, we know how to get the proper fit and sizing so that the glasses not only look great, but work the way your doctor prescribed. For more information about our optical shop, click here.

5. What patients say about us

Our patients’ opinions are very important to us. We strive to make children as comfortable as possible and to make sure parents understand what is going on with their children’s eyes.  We also try very hard to run on schedule to minimize wait times. Here are just some of our patients’ testimonials gathered over the years:

“This was my first time bringing my child to a pedi/opt. Dr. Lambert was FABULOUS!!!! She was so patient with my “strong willed” 3 yr. old. She explained everything to me and was just great! I would, and have, recommended her to anyone looking for a pediatric ophthalmologist.”


“We’ve used both Dr. Lambert and Dr. Bloom. Both are fantastic!  We had a very rare neurological disorder of the eye that Dr. Bloom diagnosed correctly and also referred us to CHOP for a second opinion, which backed up her findings. They have an outstanding practice!”


“She is simply amazing. Very patient and thorough. Wouldn’t want my baby going to anyone else!”

Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Livingston – Pediatric Eye Associates

What is a Pediatric Optician?

A pediatric optician is an optician who specializes in fitting glasses for children. Using prescriptions provided by our pediatric ophthalmologists or your child’s own eye doctor, our licensed pediatric optician patiently works with parents and children to find the best choice of frames and lenses that fit and look great.

Why choose a pediatric optician instead of a regular optician?

Selecting and fitting glasses for children can be a real challenge and requires patience as well as finesse.  It’s important to get the proper size and fit to make sure the glasses are comfortable and doing their job.  Infants and young children have very different sizing needs then grade-school kids or adults.


Infants must be fit with very small frames that withstand heavy handling and can be secured on the child’s head.  Very young children have smaller faces and their facial features may not be as pronounced as adults are.  For example, the nose and nasal bridge of some young children are flatter then they will be as they age.  Thus, they may need a frame that has different nose pads than a typical adult frame. Or, a child may be bothered by their eyelashes hitting the lenses of the glasses because their smaller nose does not push the frames far enough away from their face.


Children playing organized sports are required by state law to wear sports safety glasses.  Fitting these children can be difficult if the glasses need to be worn under a helmet or other protective device.  A good pediatric optician will know how to get through these issues, and may even create a customized strap that works with other safety devices.


Our pediatric optician has years of experience working with children and young adults.  The shop is very colorful and is designed with children in mind.  We carry the latest styles and our optician will help ensure you select a frame that will fit your child so that they get the full benefit of the corrective lenses.  With her sense of style and ability to find the “right” frame for your child, it’s no wonder that customers keep coming back to see Nicole for that next pair of glasses.

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