As  a parent, you know that shopping with kids is not always easy. Shopping for eyeglasses often presents its own challenges. . It can be difficult for young children to sit still or try on more than one or two frames.  Other children want to try on every pair in the store, and still can’t decide what they like. In addition, the way frames look in a picture or on a computer screen can be very different than how they look on your child.  One of the most important, but often overlooked factors when selecting frames, is how they sit on your child’s face and nose. It would be silly to spend money on glasses only to find that they are not having the desired effect because they do not fit correctly or your child is not looking through the center of the lens.   

Despite any challenges of eyeglass shopping, it is worth taking the time to visit a brick and mortar optical shop to ensure your child gets the most benefit from their glasses.

Three Reasons why it’s best to buy glasses for your child in a pediatric optical shop

1. Professionally fitted glasses by a qualified pediatric optician

Our children’s optician in Livingston is professionally trained and licensed.  This means that she has extensive training in helping you select which glasses and lenses will work for your child.    She has years of experienced selecting frames that not only look great, but that fit properly and will stand up to the use and handling of your child.  She knows what add-ons or coating might work or be worth the cost, and which ones would be a waste of money. Of course all of this would be pointless if we did not stock the best selection of children’s frames in the area.  We are always updating our selection and making sure that we have the latest styles and colors.


Although it may seem quicker or less expensive to buy glasses online, this is not a good idea for several reasons. First, buying them online does not mean they will fit your child’s face.  Although they may look great, if they do not fit and make the correction the doctor is prescribing, they are just a waste of money. We often see kids wearing glasses purchased online and in big box stores that clearly do not fit. We also see a lot of glasses purchased online that do not have the correct lenses.  Parents are often shocked to discover that their children have been looking through lenses that are actually making it harder for them to see clearly.


We also see a lot of kids wearing eyeglass frames that will not stand up to their heavy handedness.  We select and stock frames that look great AND are designed to take major abuse without breaking. In fact, this is one of the biggest attractions to buying glasses from our store.  We stand behind the frames we sell and can easily repair or replace parts and lenses.

2. Cost

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but did you know that the best deals are NOT always online? Most people simply assume that buying glasses online will be cheaper than buying them in our optical shop in Livingston.  But that is often not the case.


The first thing to consider when looking online is “What are you buying?”.  That is, are the frames comparable to the same frames you might see in our store?  They might look similar, but will the online frames stand up to the natural use and abuse of most children?  If the frames you see online will need to be replaced, at full cost, every time they break, then this can add up quickly!  You should also look at the type of lenses being sold online. Are they safety lenses appropriate for children? Do they have any coatings or do they darken in the sun?  These are all items that might add to the total cost, but are not shown in the advertised prices online.

Lastly, you need to be very sure  that the glasses delivered to you are actually the same as the ones you ordered (or wanted to order) online.  Not just how the frames look, but are the lenses made correctly. Was the doctor’s prescription followed? Is the rotation of the lens, which corrects for astigmatism, at the right place?  And of course, is your child looking through the optical center of the lens? We have seen far too many cases of children wearing glasses that are not correcting their vision or eye alignment because they were not made correctly.    

3. Warranty

Imagine this scenario: You have just purchased a brand-new pair of glasses for your child and the very next day he/she accidently breaks the ear piece, or scratches the lens ..  This is where that magical word for parents comes in handy: warranty.  We know that kids are tough on their glasses, and that’s why we provide a no-cost one year manufacturers warranty on all frames and lenses. .  In addition, we offer a Kid Proof Warranty that is good for two years from purchase. . It helps cover the cost of glasses that have been broken multiple times, that the dog chewed, or that have just been lost.  So when choosing between buying online – or at our kids’ optical shop in Livingston – the warranty is an important factor to bear in mind.

About PD Optics – Optical Shop in Livingston

Our kids’ optical shop in Livingston is your family’s solution to finding affordable, professionally-fitted glasses for your family. Did you know that we also stock  larger frames for the big kids and smaller adults in your family ? PLUS the same quality, service, and warraąnty applies to adults, even if you need bifocals or progressive lenses.


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