When it comes to children’s eyeglasses, there are myriad styles to choose from, yet several other important factors must be taken into consideration before finalizing a purchase. The variety of styles, colors, and shapes available can be overwhelming but not all of them will be a suitable match for your child.

The challenge is in finding a pair that the child likes and will be willing to wear, while you are being confident that it won’t wear out or break easily and, if it does, the warranty covers the costs of getting the pair fixed. 

Fear not! We are here to make your life easier by telling you what to look for when choosing eyewear for your child. 

5 important factors to take into account when choosing children’s eyewear

1. Eyeglass Frame Material

Children’s eyewear frames are usually made of either metal or plastic. Since the production technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade, both plastic and metal frames can be equally durable, light and inexpensive. Consider your child’s preference, as he or she might find one style more comfortable than the other.  

Consult with your Livingston optician if your child has allergies to metals or if the prescribed lenses are thick, so the optician can recommend the lightest frame for enhanced comfort. 

2. Lens material

Children’s lenses are usually made of polycarbonate or Trivex. Both materials are significantly more impact-resistant, and thus safer than regular lens materials. Another advantage of polycarbonate and Trivex is their lightweight, which is especially important if prescribed lenses are strong. Wearing them will be much more comfortable!

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3. Style and Color

Style and color may be of significance especially if this is your child’s first time wearing glasses or if they resist wearing them at all. To combat the fear of being picked on at school, search the web and find popular bespectacled youth celebrities. By showing your child that his or her idol wears glasses, the child will realize that eyewear is cool! 

Allow your child to choose the pair they like most because if they like them, then they’ll be much more likely to wear them!

4. Bridge fit 

Children’s noses are not fully developed and they don’t have a bridge to prevent plastic frames from sliding down. Your Livingston children’s optician will evaluate each frame individually to make sure it fits the bridge. The glasses must stay in place because kids tend to look right over the tops of the lenses instead of pushing slipping glasses back up where they belong. The experienced personnel at the children’s optical shop in Livingston will be the best judge of whether a frame fits properly.

5. Warranty 

Kids can be rough on their glasses and can break them before the time mentioned in their warranty period. Ensure that the place you order your child’s glasses from is providing the best warranty conditions for such situations. 

About the children’s optician in Livingston

At PD Optics – a pediatric optical store in Livingston – you will find a wide selection of children’s eyewear and professional personnel to help you and your child choose the best fitting, comfortable, and stylish glasses. We provide a no-cost one year warranty on all frames and lenses. You won’t find a comprehensive warranty like this anywhere else! 

In addition, we offer an Extended Protection Plan that is good for the life of the prescription. It will help cover the cost of glasses even if they have been broken multiple times, if the dog snacked on them, or if they have just simply been lost.

For more information contact us directly at 973.422.0036 or send us an email at  [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you! 

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