If you have a teenager who wears glasses or contacts, the question has probably come up, “Can I get LASIK?”

This article will address the question, along with information that you can use to talk with your teenagers about LASIK surgery. 


Are Teenagers Able to Get LASIK?

When it comes to teenagers and LASIK, the answer is they most likely cannot get LASIK. The FDA only approves LASIK for 18 years of age or older. Many eye doctors suggest it is best to wait until you are in your mid-twenties before considering LASIK. 

Why is waiting recommended? Because vision continues to change during the teenage years. Candidates for LASIK need to have a stable prescription for at least one to two years. That is why it is more common for patients between 20-40 years old. There is less risk of refractive error after the surgery if the patient waits until they have a stable prescription. 


Are There Any Situations Where Teenagers are Candidates for LASIK? 

In rare cases, teenagers may be a candidate for LASIK. Teenagers usually need to undergo intensive screenings and meet specific criteria before LASIK is performed. This includes having healthy eyes and a stable prescription for around two years. Teenagers with intense or severe vision problems may benefit, but only if their pediatric eye doctor recommends it.  

Certain professionals over the age of 18 or in their mid-twenties, such as military or professional athletes, may fall into this category if they meet the criteria. Overall, teenagers and most of those in their mid-twenties should continue to wear their glasses and contacts and wait until they are older before undergoing LASIK eye surgery. 


Where Can I Find a Pediatric Eye Doctor Near Me?

Does your teenager have vision needs? We can help! Whether finding the right prescription or helping to discuss why LASIK may not be the best option, we are here to support you as parents! 

Our doctors are board-certified pediatric ophthalmologists, which means we are experts in meeting your teenager’s eye and vision needs. We take pride in working with you and your family on a treatment plan that is effective and makes everyone in the family smile! 

It’s our motto, “to provide the highest quality eye care for children in a setting that is comfortable and reassuring.”

Contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment with the best pediatric ophthalmologists in NJ or have any questions regarding Pediatric Eye Associates. We would be honored to welcome your family to our practice. We look forward to seeing you soon!  


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