If your child has complained of vision issues, your first thought is likely: “does my child need glasses”? It is also not unusual to be unaware they are having difficulty seeing because they are too little or are not even aware themselves that their vision is ‘blurry’.

If your child is having problems with grades, frustration reading, or behavior changes surrounding school work it may be a problem with their vision. If the child fails their annual vision screening you will receive a referral to a pediatric eye doctor

Doctors are aware it can be difficult for parents to identify when their child is unable to see correctly, especially if they don’t know either. But there are some signs to look for in children to identify vision impairment. These suggestions can help determine if your child needs glasses.

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Does Your Child Squint or Get Frequent Headaches? 

Sometimes children squint to correct vision and help them see properly. Squinting can be a sign of a refractive error – where the child shape of the eye impacts vision. Blurred vision is also a symptom of a refractive error.

The child squints to improve focus and have better clarity temporarily, but it can lead to frequent headaches over time. Squinting is a strong indicator that the child does not see properly. 


Does Your Child Ever Trip or Bump Into Objects?

We sometimes think our children are clumsy or inattentive. But sometimes it happens because their eyes are out of focus. An evaluation by a pediatric eye doctor is especially important to prevent falls and injuries. 


Does The Child Sit Too Close to Devices or T.V.? 

Many children sit too close to electronic devices, so it is not a guarantee your child needs glasses. If your child complains, they cannot see the image or read unless they are close to the screen, then pay attention. 

If it is becoming a consistent habit, it may be a problem. Children who have myopia- nearsightedness have difficulty seeing at a distance. The child may move closer, so the image appears bigger and becomes clear. 


Is it Time for a Vision Exam? 

There are a few other symptoms to look for that may indicate your child needs a vision exam:

  • Excessive rubbing of the eyes
  • Trouble reading
  • Tilting the head
  • Covering one of the eyes to see better

Your child may outgrow a condition on their own, but it’s always best for them to have a vision exam, especially if they fail their annual screening. Glasses can provide several advantages, including: 

  • Better vision and improvement in school 
  • Straightening cross-eyes to treat strabismus
  • Strengthening of a weak or lazy eye

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Because of the link between learning and vision, children need to have a vision screen every year. Identifying issues early in their life can help them to accelerate in important areas like school and sports. 


Where Can I Find a Pediatric Eye Doctor Near Me

Are you ready to find a reliable pediatric eye doctor? When it comes to your child’s vision, finding the right ophthalmologist is important. 

Pediatric Eye Associates are a team of board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in New Jersey. Our doctors, Dr. Amy Lambert, MD, and Dr. Rachel Bloom, MD, are fantastic, and we know kids! We are experts in pediatric eye disorders and are here to help.

Contact us with questions or for a consultation if it is time for your child to consider glasses!  




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